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Suit-Up Inc. employee Ismael Garcia presses dress pants that will be packaged and shipped from their warehouse in South Memphis. employee Ismael Garcia presses dress pants that will be packaged and shipped from their warehouse in South Memphis. (Photo: Mark Weber, The Commercial Appeal) He figures the Memphis hub can handle the demand of 250 stores without having to add much machinery. Thats onereason Ladsten likeshis new acquisition. The hub can add workers and shifts he said employment could reach 140 workers at full capacity without having to divert Tip Top's money away from new retail acquisitions. He plans to apply to the EDGE board to continue the PILOT tax cut. Even with all the garment orders expected to flow in, though, he has no plans to ramp up a Lord West-style factory. "I don't see us making formal wear. That business is gone. Our mantra is to pick out what it is you do best," http://apelaharuki94.wordpress.com Ladsten said, "and then do it right." Ted Evanoff, business columnist of The Commercial Appeal, can be reached at evanoff@commercialappeal.com and (901) 529-2292.

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